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Show your Patriotism with this Hand-crafted solid wood American Flag!

Made by an American Patriot who loves America and displays this love in every hand-crafted patriotic 

American Flag, featuring old glory's red, white, blue and stars. 

This patriotic American solid wood American Flag is the ideal way to show your love for our country and freedom.

This is also the ideal gift for the patriotic person in your life!

Purchase your Patriotic solid wood American Flag.

Each flag is hand-crafted and a unique piece for your home to show off your American pride! Being a hand-crafted priceless piece, it will take a few weeks to make. If you live in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona, your finished hand made solid wood American Flag will be delivered directly to you. If you are ordering from another area, please know that the completed flag will come to me and then I will contact you about shipping cost.

Please note that the stand in the pictures does not come with the flag.

Hand made solid wood American Flag