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Caring for America

We appreciate our PRWC members!

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Join us on Saturday February 11, 2023


Banquet Room

 16405 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254-1578

Doors open at 8:30 AM

Buffet Brunch opens at 8:30 AM

Meeting is from 9 to11AM

We meet in the banquet room located in the back of the restaurant. The entrance is on the north side of the building.

Click here to register for Februray 11th Brunch Meeting. $45. Reservations accepted until 12-noon on Februray 9th

**Please note that in 2023 we can no longer cancel or move a paid brunch to the following month, or permit a person to attend without purchasing brunch, as PRWC is charged for every registration placed and a 'headcount' is taken by the banquet staff at each meeting.

Guest Speakers!

Hear from Rhonda Smith with Arizona Free Enterprise Club to learn how you can let the Arizona Legislatures know what your thoughts are inregards to propsed legislation via the 'RTS' system, aka, Request to speak.

Hear what Darla from Arizona Free Enrerprise Club has to say.

Arizona State Representative Jospeh Chaplik (LD3) will be joining us to provide an update on current and proped legislation and what you can do to get involved.

2023 Caring for America Charity

Donate directly via our PRWC Facebook page

Click here to donate directly via website

The PRWC Literacy Project is a fun way to read one book, yet impact the lives of many children.

How the Literacy Project works:

1. Pick a child's book (or books) you would like to read to a child up to 10-years old.

2. CLICH HERE to schedule a time for the PRWC Literacy Committee Chair to come to your home to record you reading the book(s).

3. Your recording of reading the book(s), is uploaded to a private PRWC YouTube channel that can be accessed by PRWC members and those you share the link with.

The President of PRWC, Sheri Lopez has been recording books for her grandkids for years and they love it! So, PRWC, let'd record stories for kiddos that may not get read to otherwise.

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